• UN Agency Gives Hamas Their Rockets Back…and Obama’s State Department Defends Them!


    Just in case your blood isn’t boiling quite enough over the Obama administration’s complete failure to side with America’s greatest ally in Israel, here’s a little something extra, guaranteed to make you want to throw something at your computer monitor. But please do keep reading.

    The United Nations’ Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) operates several schools in Gaza. Earlier this week, UNRWA admitted that inside two of those schools, it had discovered Hamas rockets. Now, rather than doing what one would think an organization called the United Nations would do, such as alert other nations, UNRWA took it upon itself to hand those rockets over to local authorities. There was just one problem, of course: most “local authorities” in Gaza work with…wait for it…Hamas.

    Journalists who have been following the story are now beginning to fire back, and yesterday, the State Department’s second Bobbsey Twin, Marie Harf, was asked about it:

    This wasn’t a good outcome,” barfed Harf.

    Wow, you think? But here came the kicker:

    I would caution people from jumping to conclusions about, you know, what UNRWA was trying to do here. We’re working with them to try to do better in the future.”

    “Try to do better”? Is she for real? Hamas is using these rockets to kill Jews! The only “better” outcome is one in which Israel isn’t constantly fearing for its own existence! Whoops, sorry…don’t want to “jump to conclusions” there.

    Here’s more cover, provided courtesy of The Most Blameless Administration in History:

    It’s important to remember that UNRWA is a humanitarian relief organization,” continued The Harfster, as she defended the asinine move. “It’s not a peacekeeping mission equipped to deal with a kind of situation where you find rockets. That’s not their mandate.”

    Ah, silly me. Here I thought the UNRWA had a mission to help spread peace in the world. I guess that’s not really their “mandate.” Apparently, it takes a lot more than basic common sense to realize that you don’t hand rockets over to terrorists. I guess I just have a lot to learn about the world.

    Matt Fox

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