• Watch This Israeli Spokesman Stick it to Madeleine Albright

    As a former Secretary of State, you’d think Madeleine Albright would know a thing or two about diplomacy. But…eh, who are we kidding? She’s Madeleine Albright. And during an interview with CNN this week, she declared that it looks like Israel is “overdoing it.”

    “It,” I would hazard to guess, refers to defending oneself against terrorist thugs who are hell-bent upon your destruction. But that apparently doesn’t sit well the not-quite-all-bright Albright.

    But it was quite refreshing to hear Israeli Spokesman Mark Regev respond to Madeleine’s nieve assessment of the crisis:

    If anyone says Israel’s overreacting, I’d say what would you do? What would your government do with more than 2,000 rockets raining down at your cities fired by terrorists? What would your government do if terrorists were coming across the frontier in these tunnels with explosives and automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades to kill and maim people? What would your government do if these missiles attacks were threatening to close down your main transport facilities? If you look at our response, it’s been measured and it’s been proportionate.”

    Well, there isn’t much left to say about that one, except…


    Matt Fox

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