• Watch a Pro-Abortion Woman in a Burger King Shirt Go Total Beast Mode on a Peaceful Pro-Life Activist

    "No uterus, no right to talk about it!!!"

    Well, this is clearly one of the most disturbing encounters I’ve seen in the history of ever. What we have here is a real prize of a woman who’s got no love for anyone who isn’t down with aborting babies.

    Seth Drayer, a young pro-lifer, was merely holding signs on a street corner and speaking peacefully with passers by, when out of the blue, this creature began screaming at him like a banshee and physically threatening him.

    The video is extremely NSFW, and I won’t share the transcript here, as it’s pretty wild stuff. But check out the disturbing footage above, and witness the ranting mania of an abortion-obsessed animal woman who will probably become Rosie O’Donnell’s favorite guest when she returns to The View.

    Fair warning: you may feel like you need to take a bath after watching this.

    h/t Life News

    Matt Fox

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