• You’ll Never Guess How Ronan Farrow is Covering the Israel/Hamas War

    The man-boy certainly knows how to outdo himself

    Gaza officials say 35 were killed today in Gaza, while Israeli officials say 70 new rockets were lobbed into Israel. On a lighter note, though…

    Your eyes and ears do not deceive you. That was an actual transition on MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow Daily this afternoon. And even more cringe-worthy is the fact that it was used to segue into a panel discussion about young Israelis and Palestinians “hooking up” for sexcapades using dating apps like Grindr and Tinder. The segment was titled on-screen, “Dating During Duress.”

    That’s right; amid chaos, death and destruction, Young Ronan and his team determined that the best way to cover the crisis in the Middle East would be to focus on non-discriminatory sex-hookups.

    But even worse? One of Farrow’s so-called “panelists,” Ayesha Siddiqi, used the opportunity to decry racism against Palestinians:

    After looking through some of the responses and exchanges that have taken place on Tinder, a lot of them give more evidence of the deep-rooted racism against Palestinians that many people following this story are already aware of … it really, to me, showcases the same racism that’s been the logic of occupation in the current ongoing assault.”

    Now this is a true liberal media accomplishment, if ever I have witnessed one. Leave it to MSNBC to cover an international war against Israelis through the lens of people trolling for sex, and even then, STILL manage to work in a hefty dose of anti-Semitism. It’s quite amazing, especially considering that the Palestinian woman who decried the network’s pro-Israeli coverage was booked once again last night on All In With Chris Hayes to double down on her insane charge:

    You deserve a gold medal if you managed to get through even 10 seconds of that video, but I think the point is quite clear: only a gaggle of delusional psych-ward liberals would sit around arguing over whether they’re too fair to Israelis.

    And the fact that they’ve even found a way to bash Jews during a segment that purports to be focused on domestic “hook-ups” between the warring factions in the Middle East? They might as well just let Hamas go ahead and program all 24 hours of MSNBC’s broadcast day…you know, if that’s not what’s happening already.

    Matt Fox

    Senior Editor

    Fox has history in broadcasting that spans two decades. From his early days as an FM host and club DJ in the mid-90′s to his later experiences in political talk radio, he has always had a knack for combining topical news with his love for popular culture. Those experiences culminated in his position as executive producer for several radio shows featured in the TALKERS Heavy 100. Originally from New York, Fox has made the great pilgrimage down to sunny south Florida.

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