• Blue On Blue: College Dem Leaders Assail Israel Supporter

    A social media director with the College Democrats of America has endured severe attacks from his colleagues after defending Israel’s recent campaign against Hamas in Gaza.

    As reported at TruthRevolt, Giovanni Hashimoto, a College Democrat at Pacific Union College and social media director for College Democrats of America, posted on Facebook to defend Israel’s recent actions in Gaza, declaring that there was “no equivalency” between Hamas using rockets to attack civilians and a “peace-loving” Israel using airstrikes to protect said civilians.

    The declaration invited a series of withering attacks from Chris Woodside and Evan Goldstein, both of whom also work as social media coordinators for the College Democrats.

    Woodside said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was engaged in “one of the greatest genocides in history” and compared his actions to the Holocaust, while Goldstein told Hashimoto to “go f*** yourself” for his position. Woodside also suggested that Hashimoto himself was like a Nazi, because he was “putting more value in an Israeli life than in a Palestinian life.”

    “About 70 years ago there was a whole political party in Germany who viewed peoples [sic] lives differently based on their ethnicity,” Woodside said.

    Hashimoto was also attacked by Zainab Javed, Vice President of the Western Region for the Pennsylvania College Democrats, who told him to “stop victim blaming” by assigning Hamas responsibility for civilian deaths in Gaza.

    Hashimoto took the attacks in stride, tweeting that he wished other College Democrats would be more supportive of Israel.

    So this happened…I’m proud to stand strong w/ Israel. Sad all College Dems aren’t w/ me. ht @AaronRobinow @DanielMael http://t.co/2bmLKdr074

    — Giovanni Hashimoto (@VanniHashimoto) August 6, 2014


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