• Chris Pratt May Really Be One of the “Guardians of the Galaxy”

    With the smash success of Marvel’s riskiest motion picture yet, Guardians of the Galaxy, actor Chris Pratt — perhaps better known as “Star-Lord” or Peter Quill — has gone from TV star (NBC’s Parks and Recreation) to international film star extraordinaire almost overnight. And throughout it all, Star-Lord has remained cool and down-to-earth, proving that he still has the same class that landed him the career-changing role in the first place.

    We thought it was pretty hilarious to see Pratt doing an impromptu NSFW performance of an Eminem rap, and it was quite humble of him to share pictures of the Scooby-Doo van he lived in when he was homeless. But now, he’s making headlines for something a bit more meaningful.

    Pratt showed up at the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, where he made good on a promise to deliver “stolen goods” to sick children, including his actual wardrobe from Guardians of the Galaxy that he let them try on.


    He even acted out some scenes from his role in The Lego Movie and signed some movie swag for this young fan. It clearly made her day:


    Another class-act in Hollywood. We’ve got to salute them where we can, since they’re so few and far between. Rock on, Star-Lord!

    BONUS – Watch Chris take The Ice Bucket Challenge here:


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