• Ferguson’s Racist Bat Signal

    I wonder what the Bat Signal in the sky over Ferguson, Missouri looks like?

    It’s calling all Race-Baiters, Agitators, Criminals, Thugs, Liberal Reporters, and Hat-to-the-Back Looters to report for action. Is the signal a Black Panther? Or maybe just an image of one of Al Sharpton’s break-away track suits? That would be enough to send half the population into a riot.

    Time to wake up folks, shed the politically-correct language, and call this behavior what it is.

    These misfits going out every night looting and burning their town to the ground aren’t heroes. They aren’t in a great struggle for civil rights. They’re thugs and criminals. They want free liquor and cigarettes. It doesn’t matter what race you are. If you go out as a mob and destroy property and terrorize a community, then you’re a terrorist. No wonder ISIS loves these guys. It really doesn’t matter anymore what happened to Michael Brown, these destructive morons are his legacy. The Governor should shut that town down and arrest every single person on the street after curfew. I’d like to see the Outlaw Josey Wales or Pale Rider or Detective Callahan ride into town on a gray horse and clean house with his partner, but no luck yet.

    Even without going Eastwood on the hooligans, Governor Nixon could do something, of course. But, oh no, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon just came out and stated he would push for a “vigorous” prosecution of the cop involved. No mention of a “vigorous” prosecution of the gangs of people pillaging. I guess Officer Darren Wilson will have to wait for his prosecution until he recovers from his exploded eye socket. It’s called an orbital blowout fracture when some of the bones around your eyes are crushed, courtesy of the altar boy, the deceased, Michael Brown.

    Looks like the Governor’s 16 years as Missouri’s Attorney General wasn’t enough for him to understand that whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing. He might as well have endorsed the lawless idiots in Ferguson with his statements. How can you blame him really? He’s a white liberal named Nixon. That’s two strikes right there. The guilt must be overwhelming him. So he grabbed the Bat-phone and called in the Racist Superheroes. Here they come for the shakedown: Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, and the Black Panthers! (I wonder if Farrakhan is in the Bahamas or something. No sign of him yet.)

    These longtime race hustlers are veterans at stoking the flames of racial unrest and getting rich while they’re at it. Yes, I just insinuated that those guys are in it for the money. You know it’s true. And those choir boys in the streets every night are no Rosa Parks. Hell, Brown himself was no sweet angel.

    Here’s a short version of how it’s starting to look like things went down. Mike and his buddy were smoking some reefer. They get the munchies…and they’re a little short on cash. No problem. They just go rob a convenience store. They’re walking down the street when Johnny Q. Law shows up. Big Mike charges the car and punches Officer Whitey hard enough to shatter his eye socket and then goes for his weapon. One shot is fired. Mike and his buddy flee. The cop exits the car, yells freeze! The two bandits do, but Mikey makes a bad choice and charges the cop full speed and enraged. Shots ring out repeatedly into the front of the assailant until he is dead. That’s about it. Not the actions of a civil rights icon.

    This type of violence happens all the time in NYC, Philly, Chicago and DC. Sometimes, it’s a white cop, sometimes it’s a black cop; it might even be a Hispanic now and then. It doesn’t matter the race. If you break a cop’s eye socket and disobey an order to freeze you have taken your life in your own hands, which Mike Brown could attest to if he were here today. Police don’t have the right to die on duty.

    It’s time to start telling it like it is. My friends on TV and radio need to drop the PC crap and stop making sappy liberal bromides because you ‘have a heart’ or because you listened to rap music in the ’90s. The people flooding Ferguson are authentic thugs. They aren’t wannabes at the mall listening to Wu-Tang Clan. There is no nuanced way to say it: If the media love these protestors so much why don’t they invite them home for dinner and let them babysit their kids?

    Is it time for a resistance? You bet. We must resist the language monitors.

    So what have we learned from the riots in Ferguson? One thing…I didn’t realize I could break into convenience stores and steal 40 OZs of Olde English 800 and a blu-ray player every time someone in my town is killed. I like OE. Good to know.

    AJ Rice


    A.J. Rice is the President and CEO of Publius PR, a boutique public relations firm located in Washington DC. He is the former Executive Producer for Laura Ingraham, Monica Crowley and Andrea Tantaros. For PR representation please contact aj.publius@gmail.com

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