• Get Ready for the Hottest New Swimsuit Craze of the Summer: The Facekini!

    I can see it on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition now…

    Are you prepared for the wonder and amazement that’s known as…The Facekini??? Oh, you’d better be.

    If you couldn’t tell from the inventive title, it’s essentially a bikini…for your face.

    The trend actually started a number of years ago in China, where swimmers were donning complete body suits and head masks as an apparent alternative to sunscreen. Additionally, the bizarre-looking getup helped to prevent jellyfish stings. Now, the trend of the Facekini may finally be coming to America, for the mere cost of 2-4 bucks a piece!

    But will it take off? In China, if you’re tan, you’re believed to be of a lower socioeconomic status. So it makes sense that the Chinese would want to maintain a pale complexion with the help of a newfangled swimsuit. But here in the States, getting a tan implies a life of health and leisure. So despite the fact that pictures of the Facekini are exploding all over Twitter and Instagram, I wouldn’t be so quick to assume that people will actually purchase them. I know, it’s a total shocker that people would fool around on social media, isn’t it? Especially considering that these suits are totally sharp.

    Actually, I haven’t yet decided whether wearing a Facekini makes one look more like a dominatrix…or a WWF wrestler from the 80’s. But I do believe that the complete Facekini and body suit should be mandatory swimwear for Michael Moore and Rosie O’Donnell every single time they hit the beach.

    Side note: I’m pretty sure Bane donned the world’s first Facekini in Batman & Robin. I sure hope he’s getting his royalty checks:

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