• Kim Kardashian Promotes Her Tedious Book of Selfies…With a “Butt Selfie”


    Once upon a time, man created fire. Fast-forward to the 21st century, and man created…the selfie. It’s great to see we’re still using our brains.

    Yes, very rarely has something come along that so perfectly encapsulates everything that the Kardashian generation stands for as the selfie. The very idea of the selfie precisely sums up the “ME-ME-ME!” youth of today with all of its self-absorbed connotations. So it’s only fitting that Kim K is about to release a 352-page book comprised completely of her own selfies. She’s even decided to title the book, “Selfish.” And honestly, it’s not clear whether she picked that title out of some level of self-awareness, or if she’s really that stupid. Somehow, the Kardashians have managed to create a cottage industry out of nothing but sex tapes and annoying people, and it has made them all quite rich. So there has to be some level of brain function taking place. Just not quite enough for Kim to give her baby a human name, I suppose.

    That said, how does one go about attempting to turn a 352-page photo album into a New York Times Bestseller? Why, take a BUTT SELFIE, of course! And that’s exactly what Kim did at the request of Bravo host Andy Cohen. I guess it’s pretty much impossible to embarrass this girl.

    My only question: how many years did it take Kim to “write” her selfie book?

    BONUS: Kim’s not the only one showing off her booty this week. 45-year old J-Lo is also on a Butt Quest, so expect derriere pics and videos to become The Internet’s favorite thing for a little while:

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