• So Matt Damon Just Dumped a Bucket of Toilet Water on His Head…

    Good Will Stinking

    Leave it to liberals to suck the fun out of everything. That is, whatever “fun” was to be had by the now tiresome “challenge” of dumping ice-water on one’s head, purportedly for charity.

    On the heels of Pam Anderson’s anti-ALS rant and refusal to participate in The Ice Bucket Challenge, Matt Damon had some concerns of his own, after being nominated by besties Ben Affleck and Jimmy Kimmel. As the founder of Water.org, a non-profit organization that provides safe water to third-world countries, Matt was faced with a conflict. Perhaps even an existential crisis. How could he possibly waste one bucket of clean water?

    The answer was a simple one…and a gross one: Damon decided to douse himself in — wait for it — toilet water. Even he seemed to realize how ridiculous his idea was, as he laughed about it and admitted that his wife thinks it’s “disgusting.”

    Never mind the amount of clean water Matt is likely “wasting” every single day, as he undoubtedly flushes the many toilets in his house from which he collected this water. An Inconvenient Truth to be sure, but few have ever mistaken Hollywood liberals for being too consistent.

    So thanks a pant-load, Matt, for being kind of a dope, as you clearly fail in your attempt to not be a complete hypocrite. Though I will admit that seeing you covered in toilet water is, on some level, fulfilling.

    Side note: when will The Ice Bucket Challenge ever end? Who decides? And who will have the honor of being the final participant who doesn’t nominate anyone else?

    Matt Fox

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