• MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: Hey, I Think Michael Brown’s Death Could Help Democrats in the Midterms!

    Wow, that was about as shameless as it gets, Surgers. I suppose I should applaud Chris Matthews for at least being honest about what his fellow liberals are all thinking: that they can use the shooting death of Michael Brown to try and help them salvage some wins in a hotly contested midterm election year.

    That might have political implications this coming November,” exclaimed the politics-obsessed MSNBC host. “That is just ten weeks from now. According to a Pew Research poll last week, public reaction to the Brown case varies widely by party I.D. Sixty eight percent of Democrats believe the case raises important issues about race, compared to just 22 percent of Republicans who say that. Well, considering that big disparity, could anger over the Brown case motivate more African-American voters to turn up this November?

    Well, yes Chris, it could. Especially if the base is watching your horribly unbalanced network at any point during the day.

    Now that Matthews has this idea planted inside that big round head of his, expect to see at least one Hardball segment per night devoted to helping Democrats achieve the goal of blacks heading to the polls and pulling the lever in their favor.

    Imagine if we had been witnessing some sort of tragedy that could have positive implications for Republicans this fall, instead of Democrats. Wouldn’t Chris be lecturing us about exploiting it? Of course he would. After all, this is the same TV host who thanked Hurricane Sandy for helping to get Obama re-elected:

    I’m so glad we had that storm last week … the storm brought in possibilities for good politics,” declared Chris on election night 2012.

    If the Dems are able to miraculously pull out a win this November, expect Matthews to reiterate that sentiment with the words “Michael Brown” inserted in place of “that storm last week.” He may not come right out and say it (until he’s had a few shots of Irish whiskey), but I can guarantee you he’ll be thinking it.

    h/t Newsbusters

    Matt Fox

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