• NBC News Laments That Poor Hamas Has No “Friends”


    So yeah, that actually happened.

    You’re looking at NBC’s Richard Engel, who may have just delivered the report that makes me finally throw in the towel. I can’t possibly spend any more time pointing out the mainstream media’s blatant anti-Israel bias when it’s gotten this absurd. This seriously sounded like something you would have found in The Onion, but it was actually broadcast on NBC Nightly News.

    Hamas, after a month of punishment, realized it was nearly without friends in the region. Especially Egypt, its Arab neighbor and former ally. This is Gaza’s crossing into Egypt. Throughout this war, Hamas’s main demand has been to open it, but it’s still closed. Hamas has enemies in Israel and in the military-led government in Egypt … Trapped between Israeli bombs and tanks, and Egypt’s sealed border, Hamas had little choice but to negotiate with its enemies.”

    That’s quite an angle, Engel.

    It’s actually gotten to the point where American news reporters are characterizing Hamas as the victims of bullying. “Hamas, after a month of punishment”? What the heck is that?

    I don’t know how Richard Engel can possibly assert that Hamas has “no friends,” considering that all of NBC News seems to be in love with them. Even Joe “Squinty” Scarborough. But all kidding aside, is a worldwide terrorist organization supposed to have “friends”?!? Is vowing to exterminate Jews and building Terror Tunnels to do so supposed to be some kind of olive branch? I can almost imagine a Hamas member right now, crying over being lonesome…as he launches a rocket in a densely populated civilian area.

    It should be noted that Richard Engel happens to be dyslexic, so…draw your own conclusions. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I just think he may have had a hard time comprehending the whole “killing Jews” part of the Hamas charter.

    h/t Newsbusters


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