• Obama: Enough “Bogus” Iraq Questions; There’s Important Golfing to Be Done!

    This weekend, the Golfer-in-Chief followed his annual tradition of holding a last-minute press conference before jetting off with his family to Martha’s Vineyard. It’s obvious he didn’t want to do it, but with poll numbers as low as they are, Obama seemingly had no choice but to spend at least a few moments with the press corps before scampering away for a little fun in the sun. If Barack’s vacations are akin to an ice cream dessert, then news conferences are definitely his lima beans and Brussels sprouts. He knows he has to eat his veggies first, but he’ll make sure to cop an attitude about it until there’s some sugar on his plate.

    In this case, the stick up Obama’s derriere had to deal with the notion of anyone attempting to tie the disintegration of Iraq to his withdrawal from the region. “What I just find interesting is the degree to which this issue keeps on coming up, as if this was my decision,” said the POTUS in typical Bush-blaming fashion. “That entire analysis is bogus and is wrong, but gets frequently peddled around here by folks who are often trying to defend previous policies that they themselves made.”


    We’re so sorry, Mr. President, for being naive. Enjoy your golf game then.

    And enjoy it, he did. As ABC’s Jon Karl pointed out, Obama was on the greens in “almost record time” after landing in Martha’s Vineyard:

    Wow, you’d never know anything was going on in Iraq OR Israel right now if you followed Obama around this weekend. Still, it can be argued that something was messing up his concentration, since the Putting Putz of a President managed to miss a basic three-foot putt. He can’t even seem to get THAT right:

    Man, that video is just painful. Barry’s golf game has gotten nearly as bad as his foreign policy “game.” Speaking of which, there was a fairly shocking panel on Sunday’s Meet the Press, featuring both Andrea Mitchell and Chuck Todd of NBC actually admitting for once that President Obama doesn’t have a foreign policy:

    Well, it’s taken them long enough, but I guess we can say that the media has finally woken up. The only thing that could possibly shock me more than what I just heard is if Chuck shaved off that red goatee.

    At this point, Obama might as well just stay on Martha’s Vineyard for the remainder of his presidency. It’s not like he’s going to be any more or less effective than he already has been if he tees off and eats shaved ice for another year and a half. Maybe he can even let Joe Biden take over the Oval Office for the rest of his term; I’m sure Joey’s still itching to cut Iraq up into three parts. It may not be ideal, but it would be a lot better than continuing to watch the current president list off all of the things he WON’T do in the region.

    I’m just spit-balling here, but I’m guessing Obama tends to take a lot of mulligans on the green. Perhaps if he wasn’t so self-absorbed and consumed with the idea of being the anti-Bush president, he’d ask the D.C. press for a mulligan on Iraq. But that’s about as likely to happen as seeing Benjamin Netanyahu take a selfie with Mahmoud Abbas.

    Matt Fox

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