• “One Plane Ticket Away from U.S. Shores”: Rep. Rogers on the ISIS Threat

    The threat from ISIS is real, and it’s headed here to America. That’s the stark warning from Congressman Mike Rogers (R-MI). I don’t know about the rest of you, but when the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is sounding an alarm, I listen.

    Fox News reported over the weekend that the prime suspect in the beheading of American reporter James Foley by ISIS is a 23-year old former London rapper by the name of Abdel Majed Abdel Bary. He apparently went by the pseudonyms “L Jinny” and “Lyricist Jinn” when he was still a rapper, before turning 100 percent terrorist thug. Bary’s father was also believed to be closely associated with Osama bin Laden, and had connections with the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in east Africa. The reason this should be of concern to everyone is the sheer fact that a radicalized British citizen allegedly just committed a heinous crime that has been understood to be an act of war against America. If that’s validated, there’s a good chance our enemy is already here in the United States as well. It was only two weeks ago that a suspected ISIS sympathizer was arrested at JFK International Airport, not to mention the concerns being voiced by Texas Governor Rick Perry and others that ISIS may have already permeated our porous border. Independent Journal Review has been covering news of homegrown ISIS threats in Chicago, as well as Charlotte, North Carolina. Folks, ISIS is coming…if they’re not here already.

    One of the problems is it’s gone unabated for nearly two years. That draws people from Britain to across Europe, even the United States, to go and join the fight,” said Congressman Rogers on NBC’s Meet the Press, as he explained the unchecked rise of ISIS/ISIL and its international recruitment. “That’s what makes it so dangerous. They are one plane ticket away from U.S. shores.”

    Late last week, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and Joint Chiefs Chairman General Martin Dempsey each expressed troubling concerns about ISIS and the threat posed to America. Yet, the president hasn’t laid out an actually strategy for how he plans on dismantling the terror group, apart from continued airstrikes over Iraq. “This is an opportunity for the president to take a step back, change his presidential guidance on how we disrupt terrorism around the world, including Al Qaeda, that has been slowing down,” said Rogers. “We have missed dozens and dozens of opportunities to take really bad people off the battlefield in the last two years.”

    Asked if the United States is safer today than we were on 9/11, the Chairman said, “We’re just not configured.”

    Just a thought, but a certain someone might want to take some time away from golfing and start to get America “configured” to protect ourselves against possibly the biggest and most evil enemy we’ve ever faced. Ironically, President Obama has spent so much time on the greens that leaving the course would actually be a vacation for him. Despite his careless attitude about his job these days, I have to still think that Obama wouldn’t actually want another large-scale attack on America’s homeland to deal with during his last two years in office. That would be a pretty crummy way for him to go out. But nothing surprises me about this guy anymore.

    BONUS: When all else fails, just blame the United States for ISIS vowing to come after us:

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