• Pentagon: Qatar is Funding Terrorism? That’s News to Us!

    It may just be the professional cynic in me, but I’m losing faith in Rear Admiral John Kirby every day. The Pentagon Press Secretary has been front-and-center throughout the past week, ever since ISIS beheaded American journalist James Foley, and some of his remarks have demonstrated a naiveté that I previously thought was reserved exclusively for Obama himself.

    Asked about recent media reports that indicate Qatar is financing terror — I know, total shocker — Kirby said it would be “concerning” IF those reports are true.


    What more proof does he need? Obama’s own State Department AND Treasury Department have already verified that Qatar is among the main financial backers of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, and as a result, they’ve labeled the Qataris a risk. Did Kirby not get that memo?

    We continue to have a solid military-to-military relationship with Qatar,” he insisted.

    It’s hard to know what to believe from this administration anymore. Just last week, Joint Chiefs Chairman General Martin Dempsey delivered an honest assessment about the brutal threat America faces from ISIS. But only days later, after presumably being taken to the woodshed by higher-ups in the Obama administration, he back-pedaled those remarks.

    It’s no secret that this White House views everything they do (or don’t do) through a political lens, which is a shame and a travesty, because an American just lost his head as a result.

    h/t Washington Free Beacon

    Matt Fox

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