• Scheuer Unleashed: Obama Has “No Clue” About ISIS; General Dempsey is a “Toady”

    The former head of the CIA’s Bin Laden Unit is at it once again, and this time, he’s taking aim at the Obama administration’s complete and utter inability to grasp the threat faced from ISIS, let alone handle it.

    Michael Scheuer appeared on the Fox Business Network with Lou Dobbs, where he asserted that Team Obama “has no clue what it’s doing” when it comes to ISIS.

    The American foreign policy elite doesn’t know what it’s doing. What it’s doing is inspiring this movement against us,” said Scheuer, referring to the administration’s support for the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak, as well as rumblings that America might team up with Bashar Assad to confront ISIS.

    There is an imminent threat always, because three consecutive administrations have failed to close the southern border,” added Scheuer. “We don’t have a clue who is in this country … and that lack of knowledge is our own fault.”

    The former director went on to slam Joint Chiefs Chairman General Martin Dempsey, who in recent days has walked away from his own comments about the danger posed by ISIS. “Most of these men are toadies. If you listen closely to what General Dempsey has said over the past 18 months about how well things were going in Afghanistan, for example, you would know that he is more than willing to lie for the President of the United States.”

    Cutting words there from a man who is certainly no partisan. Scheuer has been a vocal critic of the Bush administration’s foreign policy in the past, and he hasn’t relented at all when it comes to the current Commander-in-Chief.

    Matt Fox

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