• The Send-Off These Former Students Gave to Their Retiring First-Grade Teacher Was Simply Awesome

    Just a little something here to tug on your heartstrings and distract you from all of the bad news in the world. One of the most memorable moments in Mr. Holland’s Opus is when retiring music teacher Mr. Holland, played by Richard Dreyfuss, is surrounded by hundreds of his former pupils at the end of the film. They’ve returned to celebrate his lengthy career and the impact that he had on their lives as they’ve grown older.

    Here, we have a real-life example of the same.

    Tennessee school teacher Nancy Flexer has just retired as an educator after a very admirable 41-year run. With the help of Kid President, the decision was made to throw a surprise party for Mrs. Flexer…but not just any surprise party. When Nancy walked into her classroom, she was shocked to find that it was filled with the former students whose lives she has touched over the years, including a student from the first class she ever taught. Wow!

    Listening to the stories and memories from the people in this short video, you can just tell that Mrs. Flexer was one of those really special teachers who stands miles higher than the rest. The bad educators come and go throughout your life in elementary school and beyond, but you never forget the great ones, right?

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