• Serial Sexter Anthony Weiner Wants to…Serve You Food?

    He's hungry for more

    Who’s ready to have the world famous “Carlos Danger” handle your lunch?

    Any takers?


    Yeah, I don’t blame you. New York’s favorite Democrat pervert is back at it again. After a failed run for mayor — which yielded even more sexaholic revelations than the ones that forced him to resign from Congress in the first place — The Weiner has chosen not to go quietly into the night, but to once again seek the spotlight. NBC New York is reporting that Anthony plans on opening a restaurant in Queens. No word yet on whether it will be a hot dog joint, but it promises to offer locally sourced food.

    Now, before you get too carried away pondering possible hilarious names for this upcoming dining establishment, be aware that it has already been named “The Rockaway Restoration Kitchen.” Sadly, any average New Yorker could have come up with dozens of catchier names.”Taste of The Weiner,” anyone?

    Of course, as soon as the news broke, Twitter exploded with an accompanying hashtag. In this case, it was #AnthonyWeinerRestaurantMenuOptions.

    Here’s some of the best Weiner-related tweets, courtesy of Independent Journal Review:






    Yes, Carlos Danger is the gift that keeps on giving. Mostly because he refuses to go away.

    On the plus side, I bet he’s got a ton of great pictures to decorate the place with.

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