• Steven Seagal Loves Putin So Much That He Put on a Concert for Him

    "Putin" on a blues show

    Just as you were probably beginning to wonder where Steven Seagal has been lately, the legend has surfaced! And if you thought the so-called “Lawman” was only interested in making b-movies and killing puppy dogs, think again. Steven Seagal also heads up a blues band, and, well…he loves him some Vladimir Putin too. So it only makes sense that Steven would combine two of his favorite things and hold a concert for the pro-Russian separatists in Crimea. Here’s what it looked like:


    Your eyes do not deceive you: Steven was actually holding up a Putin shirt during the concert…an ironic thing to have Putin’s face on, since being shirtless is one of Vlad’s favorite pastimes. Anyway, the show took place at a bikers’ show in Sevastopol, where Russia’s Black Sea fleet resides.

    Prior to this, the last time we heard from the Under Siege star, he was busy defending Obama over Russia, saying that no one should be criticizing the president, and warning against any military action aimed at Seagal’s beloved BFF, Vladimir.

    The action star also says he is considering seeking Russian citizenship in addition to his existing U.S. citizenship. All things considered, I don’t think too many people would mind if he just went ahead and relinquished the American citizenship completely. It would allow him more free time to snap shots like this:

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