• Sure, This Helps: GOP’s Coburn Slams “Totally Not Fair and Totally Not Balanced” Fox News

    The Republican senator introduces his FNC friends to the underside of a bus


    Watching this clip, my only thought is…”Why?”

    Why do guys like Senator Coburn think this is helpful during a heated midterm election year?

    Oh, that’s right. He’s retiring. I guess he’s allowed to be “above the fray” now.

    Coburn has been touring universities as part of a farewell tour, and it was at Tulsa Community College that he declared, “There are certain shows on Fox I can’t watch, because they’re totally not fair and totally not balanced. I want all the information in which I can make the best decision.” Speaking of Fox, CNN, and MSNBC, he asserted, “The truth is somewhere in between the three.”

    Now understand that I’m not here to offer any sort of full-throated defense of Fox News. But I can say with absolute certainty that the truth is nowhere “in between” MSNBC. One glance at their ridiculous pro-Hamas coverage throughout the past month will tell you that. Where’s their big roster of right-wing voices in the interest of fairness? If Coburn had to go out of his way to slam Fox, he should have said the same of MSNBC. Instead, this Oklahoma Republican happens to be one of Morning Joe‘s favorite guests, and it seems to me that he wants to protect that “honor” even after he leaves Washington.

    If I had to guess, the Fox News show that Coburn “can’t watch” airs at some point after 8PM Eastern on most weeknights, a time that is clearly identified and reserved for opinion and analysis. On the flip-side, I don’t think I’ve ever heard MSNBC describe their rabid commentators as anything other than news anchors, which is quite dishonest.

    But Coburn gets to say whatever he wants because he happens to be leaving the cesspool of Washington…something that I did personally last year. And let me just say, EVERYONE should be so lucky. So I guess he’ll have the last laugh after all.

    Matt Fox

    Senior Editor

    Fox has history in broadcasting that spans two decades. From his early days as an FM host and club DJ in the mid-90′s to his later experiences in political talk radio, he has always had a knack for combining topical news with his love for popular culture. Those experiences culminated in his position as executive producer for several radio shows featured in the TALKERS Heavy 100. Originally from New York, Fox has made the great pilgrimage down to sunny south Florida.

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