• Which of These Three Media Figures Said the Worst Thing About Israel Today?


    It didn’t take very long to realize that attempting to chase every anti-Israel comment made in the American media throughout the current Gaza crisis would be a futile attempt. Here at Daily Surge, we’ve been pointing out some of the most egregious remarks over the past few weeks, but we’ve only scratched the surface. Here’s just a bit more of what Monday has wrought.

    Up first, MSNBC’s resident noon-time idiot, Andrea Mitchell. Today, while interviewing former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, she actually told him that she would not be engaging in any discussions over “who started” the war between Israel and Hamas.

    If any comment ever deserved a prominent “WTF,” it’s that one. Luckily, Ambassador Oren set Andrea “Witchell” straight, explaining that, yeah, “who started it” IS kind of important:

    And if you thought the anti-Israel insanity was limited solely to MSNBC, think again. CNN also has a moron anchor of their own named Carol Costello. And during a discussion earlier today, Carol baited panelist Marc Lamont Hill into actually revealing that he’s been quite “pleased” to see the United States of America “finally” condemning Israel. Classy! Take a look:

    Finally (for today), let’s not forget that Fox News employs a few psychopaths of their own…for instance, The Mustachioed Maniac Danger Man himself, Geraldo Rivera!

    Making sure to remind us that he has “covered war for forty years,” Jerry Rivers asserted today that Israel “has only itself to blame” for losing America’s support:

    Man, that last one was absolutely painful. Were it not for the foxes of Fox News setting today’s #OneLuckyGuy straight, I wouldn’t have gotten through more than 4 seconds of that video.

    Now it’s your turn to vote on who deserves the biggest dunce cap today: Andrea Mitchell, Marc Lamont Hill, or Geraldo Rivera?

    Just remember, regardless of who wins this poll, we all still lose. Thanks a ton, News Nimrods!

    Matt Fox

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