• Highest Ranking American Officer Killed in Combat Since 1970…and Team Obama Still Calls This “Progress”?

    We still have yet to uncover all of the facts surrounding the murder of Major General Harold Greene and wounding of more than a dozen others at an Afghan military training facility in Kabul on Tuesday. What we do know is that the gunman was dressed in an Afghan army uniform, and there’s no reason to believe at this point that he wasn’t a member of the Afghan army.

    Few words can describe the sadness of this horrible crime, especially when taken in light of an overall American withdrawal strategy from the region that’s mostly guided by politics rather than facts on the ground.

    On Tuesday afternoon, Obama Press Secretary Josh Earnest actually had the gall to cite “significant progress” in Afghanistan, which set off Ed Henry of Fox News.

    To cite progress on a day when an American general was killed, doesn’t that raise questions about whether we’re going to be getting out of Afghanistan too quickly?“, asked Henry. “How can you cite progress when an American general was killed today?

    Earlier on Tuesday, Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby had asserted that the killings would not in any way affect the draw-down plans for the region. Meanwhile, Obama senior adviser David Plouffe denied any charge that this is evidence of an unraveling situation over there:

    The incident itself was tragic enough, but the fact that the situation in Afghanistan is not nearly as rosy as it has been made out to be by this White House, and the fact that they’re obviously going to sweep this one under the rug in the name of “progress” is an absolute travesty.

    Matt Fox

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