• Watch a Man Turn Himself Into a Human Fireworks Display and Live to Tell the Tale

    Somewhere, Robert Downey Jr. is cracking up

    We finally have a definition for the term “cray-cray,” and his name is Colin Furze.

    Colin is a British mad scientist of sorts (he prefers the term “garage inventor”) who has been tearing up The Internets with his Magneto boots, fully automatic Wolverine claws, and other inventions related to (and sometimes not related to) the X-Men universe.

    Now he’s back with one of his most daring and dangerous creations yet: a “safety” suit that allows him to experience what it’s like to be inside a fireworks display! Since, you know, we’ve all wondered from time to time what that feels like.

    Labor Day is just around the corner, so if you’re feeling adventurous…well then, I hope the video above is satisfying enough by itself that it doesn’t become the next Ice Bucket Challenge. I’m pretty sure the fire department doesn’t want to deal with Colin Furze copycats over this holiday weekend.

    BONUS: Here’s another way to get up close and personal with fireworks. It was filmed earlier this year with the help of a drone:

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