• Yeah, Democrat Steny Hoyer Actually Said This to a Room Full of African Leaders



    Wow, can we say CRINGE? Steny Hoyer is lucky he got any laughter at all from that joke, as it likely softened the blow of the awkwardness he should have felt after uttering it. Listen, I have no problem with comedy or free speech. Everyone is fair game to tease. But let’s leave that to professional comedians, shall we? Because, for a lawmaker who so often whines that Republicans are out-of-touch old white guys, what Congressman Hoyer said at the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit pretty much takes the old white guy cake:

    First of all, let me tell my friends from Africa, I do not whip people! And if you’ve watched “House of Cards,” it is not accurate!


    So that happened.

    Yeah, way to pick your audience there, Steny. The joke requires previous knowledge that Hoyer is, in fact, the current Minority Whip in the House of Representatives. Though something tells me that not every person in the audience was aware of that. And it pretty much doesn’t change the fact that the joke didn’t happen to be FUNNY, “House of Cards” reference or not.

    Seriously…of all places to bust out a joke about whipping folks, he picks the stage where he’s speaking into a sea of black faces? Steny really did Joe Biden proud with that one.

    Looks like I’ll need to update this video of mine soon:

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