• Did Andrea Mitchell Seriously Ask This Question of the Pentagon?

    Just when you might have been fully convinced that everyone working at MSNBC is a full-tilt isolationist wacko, Andrea Mitchell decided to shock us all today with this line of questioning for Pentagon Spokesman John Kirby regarding ISIS:

    Why aren’t we just bombing the hell out of them right there?

    Wow. Tell us how you really feel, Andrea! Her concerns are duly noted, as there has been an increasing feeling that the Obama administration’s so-called “targeted airstrikes” against ISIS aren’t really targeting any people at all, let alone the senior ISIS leadership. “We’re not hitting people so much as we’re hitting a tank here and a placement here. We’re hitting APCs. We’re not hitting troops or forces,” Mitchell pointed out.

    Questions about what exactly Obama’s military strategy is are mounting, with a new poll revealing that 72 pecent of Americans believe there will at some point be U.S. troops on the ground, despite the president’s insistence to the contrary.

    NBC’s Richard Engel is reporting that the Syrian Kurds are anxious to join in the fight, but they’ve been frustrated that the United States has been apparently skipping out on major opportunities to target ISIS where they are:

    They say if the U.S. wants to carry out airstrikes and wants to attack ISIS, there they are … they are easy to find,” explained Engel. Instead, we’re essentially bombing a bunch of empty buildings.

    Meanwhile, President Obama is finding himself in more hot water over the remarks he made on Sunday’s 60 Minutes, in which he blamed James Clapper for underestimating the threat of ISIS. On that topic, Andrea was on point as well, questioning why it seems like everyone was aware of ISIS except Obama himself, including even PBS, who aired a documentary on the terror group way back in February (following the president’s infamous “Jayvee” comment):

    Were you warning the White House and were they not listening?” asked Mitchell of the Pentagon spokesman. His answer was predictably diplomatic.

    The irony here is that members of the Obama administration have now been dispatched to spin Obama’s own spin! This morning, State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki proclaimed that “There’s a difference between being aware of a threat and seeing the level the threat poses.” It was basically one step above declaring that “it depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”

    Here’s an idea for President Obama: just stop saying stupid stuff and you won’t have all of these headaches to deal with. Apparently the Obama doctrine of “Don’t do stupid stuff” doesn’t actually extend to not SAYING “stupid stuff,” and we’re seeing that borne out in all of the tedious interviews and speeches he’s delivered since vowing to “degrade and ultimately destroy” ISIS several weeks back.

    It’s simple: admit the mistake and MOVE ON. Even President Bush was able to do that. It was called the Iraq Surge, and his course correction helped win the war.

    That is, until Obama lost it. Natch.



    Matt Fox

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