• Apple Fans are Already Lined Up More Than 2 Weeks Early for an iPhone that MIGHT Come Out

    The headline here refers to an iPhone that “might” come out, because it hasn’t even been announced yet! Apple is expected to announce the launch of iPhone 6 next week, and that means that the product wouldn’t likely hit shelves until the week of September 16th at the earliest…assuming it’s even being released at all.

    But that isn’t stopping excited Apple lovers in New York City from lining up now.

    They’re out there and they don’t even know what they’re waiting for yet,” said a “Genius” at New York City’s flagship Fifth Avenue Apple Store. “We haven’t announced anything.”

    Aren’t they just adorable in their little iCocoons?

    It’s pretty amazing that Apple can still command this level of excitement, especially since they really haven’t advanced the ball much since the passing of former CEO and founder Steve Jobs. Each iPhone that we’ve seen in recent years has only featured incremental changes from one model to the next. I would know, since up until recently, I too owned one. But out of sheer boredom with the overall design and its limitations, I recently switched to Android and haven’t looked back since.

    But back to this line. These are some truly happy campers, aren’t they? I’ll bet they’re wondering when the iToilet will be unveiled…


    Matt Fox

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