• Australian PM Leads The Free World

    Australian PM Abbott: “Everyone has got to put this country, its interests, its values and its people first.”

    Australia enacts harshest measures of any Western nation for foreign ISIS fighters

    The wait for President Obama to act against ISIS is like watching paint dry.

    For six years, Americans have had a President who has been slow, weak-willed and nervous.

    He has spoken softly, and carried a big putter.

    And the entire world has suffered as a result.

    The advance of Russia, China and ISIS is the result of weak, or absent American leadership. Nothing proves America’s indispensability more than the current state of the world.

    With President Obama on walkabout, the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has become the default leader of the free world.

    In the past months, he has aggressively challenged Russian President Vladimir Putin, unequivocally condemned Hamas, and has been forceful about the responsibility to tackle the “pure evil” of the Islamic State. He has fearlessly spoken about the need “to advance the values of the West”.

    His words have been strong and clear. His instinct and judgment flawless.

    Now, he is once again leading on the response to Western-born Jihadists.

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    Nick Adams

    Nick Adams is an international speaker, and the author of the brand new book The American Boomerang: How the World's Greatest 'Turnaround' Nation Will Do It Again released July 1. Nick’s website is www.nickadamsinamerica.com

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