• In This City, If You Smell Bad, You’re Breaking the Law

    Someone must have raised a stink

    If you happen to have any sort of gland dysfunction that results in a bad body odor, you’d best steer clear of Burien, Washington. The town just passed an ordinance making it illegal to reek.

    The new law bans multiple other behaviors too, including bad language and not wearing enough clothes. But it’s the moratorium on nasty scents in public places that’s getting the most attention. If you’re decidedly stinking up Burien City Hall or the King County Library, you’re likely to get slapped with a citation from police that bans you from that particular public space…for up to a year!

    I’d love to hear the courtroom arguments over this one, as debates are inevitably engaged in regarding what constitutes a “bad” smell. They’ll probably need to develop some sort of odor scale, in which a police officer can indicate whether an individual comes closer to Michael Moore territory or Rosie O’Donnell offensiveness. I can imagine it now: “You are being banned from the DMV for a Barney Frank-level violation!”

    Yeah, it’s got to be pretty annoying to have to do a pit check every five minutes that you’re out in public.

    Imagine if this guy lived in Burien:


    Your turn. What do you think stinks worse: the offenders, or the law itself? Sound off below.


    Matt Fox

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