• Dem Rep. To Obama: Your ISIS Messaging Is Confusing; “Work On It”

    During a House Arms Services Committee hearing today, Democratic Rep. Adam Smith took President Obama to task for his muddled message regarding America’s plan to defeat ISIS.

    Rep. Smith, a ranking member on the House Armed Services Committee, said Obama should “work on his messaging” when addressing the nation about the threat of and his military plan to destroy ISIS.

    “Too often the president does sound more like he’s in the former camp of ‘We don’t want to do this because we know it’s hard and we know you don’t like it,’” Smith said. “It would be better if [Obama] would make it clear that we’re not doing this because it’s not going to work.”

    Smith also challenged Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to help Obama with his confusing rhetoric on ISIS, before addressing the American people.

    “It’s important how it’s presented to the American people and how we build support for this program” to combat ISIL, Smith said.

    Obama and his administration’s message regarding ISIS has been nothing but confusing, as this video proves:


    Rep. Smith joined 159 Republicans and 114 other Democrats Wednesday and approved a bill that would allocate $500 million to arm and train moderate Syrian rebels to fight ISIS.

    h/t goprapidresponse

    Jerome Hudson

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