• The Establishment Owns The GOP

    Need any more evidence that congressional Republicans have thrown the Tea Party under the establishment bus, look no further than The Hill today.

    While Tea Party minded voters are urging politicians to fight Obama’s illegal executive orders, secure the border and kill the Export-Import Bank, the squishy leaders of the party are behind closed doors drafting up a wish list of Republican establishment lobbyist action items for next year.

    The Hill has a story titled “GOP Senate’s first 100 days.”  Ready to be uninspired?  The story states that the agenda for 2015 is the following:

    Authorizing the Keystone XL pipeline, approving “fast-track” trade authority, wiping out proposed environmental regulations and repealing the medical device tax top their list.

    All of these are K Street lobbyist action items that will not inspire one voter to propel Republicans into the majority in the Senate.

    The Hill also reports that Republicans are already giving up on repealing ObamaCare:

    Republicans say they want to pass a budget in the first half of next year that would include special procedural instructions known as reconciliation to smooth the way for broader tax reform and entitlement reform.  Under reconciliation, the majority party can pass legislation through the Senate with only a simple-majority vote instead of the 60 votes usually required. Democrats used it in 2010 to pass changes to the Affordable Care Act.

    And conservatives thought that this reconciliation process was the perfect procedural mechanism to repeal ObamaCare.

    This could be a huge tidal wave of an election, not for Republicans, but against President Obama and his party.

    Republican leaders have taken conservatives for granted this election.  Maybe the moderates don’t need the Tea Party, because the hatred of President Obama’s last two years may be strong enough to propel a bunch of no-name Republicans across the finish line this fall to victory in the House and Senate.  If Republicans retain control of the House and win the Senate, they should understand that they had little to do with that victory.

    If you ask the average voter what Republicans stand for you will get a blank stare in response.  Right now, a handful of young leaders in the party are standing on principle, but the party as a whole is boring and uninspiring.

    Cloakroom Confidential

    Cloakroom Confidential was a longtime Capitol Hill staffer and insider who has contacts in the House and Senate at the highest levels.

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