• This Former Obama Adviser Actually Realizes We’re at War…Which is Probably Why He’s Not Advising Obama Anymore

    It took long enough, but finally, one of the Obamaites has stated definitively that he has no qualms about calling what we’re seeing play out with ISIS right now a “war.”

    There’s only one problem: he’s not actually working for the administration anymore. Of course. Well, that explains it.

    I’m speaking of former National Security Advisor Tom Donilon, who was replaced by Susan Rice back in 2013. On CNN with Wolf Blitzer, Donilon stated, “I don’t have a problem calling it a war against these groups, no … we have learned a lot of lessons about how to do this. We know how to go against these groups, we know how to go against their leadership. We know how to develop the intelligence on the ground which is absolutely essential.”

    That’s all fine and dandy, but who is “we”? Donilon may think he knows how to defeat ISIS, but does Obama? Does he really? And should we seriously trust that Donilon’s incompetent successor can be trusted to offer that same advice to the president?

    Look, I’m glad there’s at least SOMEONE even loosely related to the Obama White House who is willing to call this what it is. But unfortunately, the administration proper has been all over the map:


    Sure, that all makes perfect sense.

    Now please excuse me while I attempt to find a jumper cable with which to restart my brain.

    Matt Fox

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