• GOP Rep. to Obama: You Want to Fight Ebola? Take the Money From Obamacare

    Who says Republicans don't have ideas? 

    President Obama said on Tuesday that the outbreak of Ebola virus in West Africa “demands a truly global response.” To that end, he announced that he would be sending 3,000 troops over there to help prevent the deadly disease from spreading to the United States and beyond. Although he admitted that the chance of a U.S. outbreak is “extremely low,” Obama outlined a plan that calls for an increased number of doctor and health care professionals, labs, medical facilities, and more training for first responders.

    The sum total? Somewhere around $763 million over only six months. $88 million of that would be brand new, and that’s what the president is asking Congress to approve. Yikes.

    Well, Congressman Michael Burgess (R-TX) has a pretty commonsense solution to this one: why not take the money out of Obamacare, since, you know…it’s already there? “If we’re talking about reprogramming money … why don’t we reprogram some of that two billion dollars that’s automatically appropriated the first of every fiscal year into this so-called prevention fund? That, I think, would be a good use of the money and, quite honestly, would give the president significant credibility on this issue,” Burgess told Neil Cavuto.

    I’m just going out on a limb here, but I’m pretty sure there’s a better chance of Obama permanently retiring from the game of golf than going for this plan. After all, it makes too much sense…and that’s not really what Barry is about.

    I think we’ll be alright though. Ebola is clearly dangerous, but I’m not convinced it would be any more detrimental to America than Ebama already has been. See what I did there?


    Matt Fox

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