• Great News: Julian Assange is Now Doing Interviews Via Hologram

    A very transparent man

    Many of the greats in recent days have been welcomed into the 21st century by way of a hologram. We’re talking Elvis Presley, 2Pac, Michael Jackson, and…Julian Assange? Huh?

    That’s right; the disgraced editor of WikiLeaks has a new book to promote. But it’s a bit hard to go on a book tour when one is busy hiding out in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where Assange continues to receive political asylum. So, he’s decided to go the virtual route. And guess what? Hologram Julian is just as tedious as the actual Julian. In the above video, see the Hollow Man (in more ways than one) proclaim at least four times that he’s “pissed off.” I guess I’d be too if I couldn’t feel my arms and legs.

    That aside, be sure and watch through to the end of the first clip for a rather bizarre high five. I think I’ve seen confetti more coordinated than that.

    And, if Hologram Julian hasn’t put you to sleep yet, here he is recounting the time he told Google CEO Eric Schmidt back in 2011 that Google isn’t really the “playroom of ideas” they claim to be. It’s rather amazing how someone fleeing arrest can be on such a high horse:

    Sorry Surgers, but you can’t punch a hologram in the face. Well, you can try. But it probably won’t be overly satisfying.

    Matt Fox

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