• ISIS Apologizes to Followers…for Accidentally Releasing Sotloff Beheading Video Ahead of Schedule

    ISIS is a vile, despicable terrorist organization lower than pond scum. But unlike President Obama, they actually have a plan.

    Interestingly enough, that plan was reportedly thrown ever-so-slightly off schedule, when the beheading video of U.S. journalist Steven Sotloff was released early “by mistake.” The video was apparently leaked online without being officially authorized by ISIS leaders, after a Twitter account now under investigation posted a link to it.

    Vocativ reports that ISIS quickly “apologized” to its supporters for the lack of discipline:

    A clarification about the mistake was made by “Uyun al-Ummah” account, that has published the video before the official time. The user saw a tweet with the video and thought it was published officially. We tried to remove the video after we understood that his was published by mistake, and we are sorry to the followers of the Islamic State.”

    The admission raises a whole host of new questions, including whether Sotloff’s execution was filmed at the same time as James Foley’s. If the plan has been to stagger the release of beheading videos for maximum potential impact, it’s possible that the third threatened prisoner has already been murdered as well. The State Department will not confirm how many captives ISIS is believed to have at this time. The Sotloff video reportedly includes references to sites that have been bombed in recent days, though that could have easily been edited into the footage prior to release.

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