• When ISIS Isn’t Cutting Heads Off, They’re Busy Whimpering Like Little Babies

    Some really striking footage here, courtesy of LiveLeak. ISIS prides itself on being the most badass terror organization on the planet — even al Qaeda wants nothing to do with them — but in this footage, we can see their true hypocrisy on display.

    Filmed in June, reportedly after Iraqi government forces captured a handful of the thugs, the video shows ISIS terrorists on their knees, crying like babies while getting just a taste of the treatment that they so frequently dole out on others. That’s being generous, since most of the time, they’re busy decapitating and desecrating human bodies or burying women and babies alive. In this case, they’re simply being roughed up a bit, and they can’t even handle that.

    Now you see ISIS for the cowards that they really are: tearfully begging for mercy while they weep like infants. Do they show Americans compassion when the shoe is on the other foot? Of course not.

    President Obama, meanwhile, after being dragged kicking and screaming, delivered his strongest words against ISIS earlier today, vowing finally to “degrade and ultimately destroy” them:

    You’ll notice that our Dear Leader finally referred to ISIS — or “ISIL,” as he likes to call them — as a “savage organization.” It’s definitely a start, but we’ll see if this kid’s got any follow-through this time. Fingers are crossed that British Prime Minister David Cameron was able to talk some sense into him this week.

    Matt Fox

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