• ISIS Plot: Now Australians Wish They Were Armed

    ISIS: the best advertisement for the 2nd Amendment

    Never before have I felt so naked.

    Now more than ever, I wish I was armed.

    And I’m not alone.

    Any and all home-grown Islamic terrorism should be able, if need be, to be met by a well-armed civilian militia. The United Kingdom has had two beheadings of members of the public in the last two years, with neither Police nor civilians able to prevent it. It has prohibitive gun laws.

    With news of the ISIS plot to randomly abduct members of the Australian public and behead them, Australian sentiment on guns is dramatically shifting. It appears Australians are finally understanding the importance of gun ownership, and craving it at a time when the world is increasingly unsafe.

    “I’ll tell you this point blank: I’d feel safer in a country where I was legally allowed to carry around a firearm,” says J Coughran, 30, a businessman.

    According to Coughran, media coverage of Islamic State is fueling the change in heart: “This ISIS stuff is seeing quite a few people changing their opinions.. one of my mates told me today- he’s coming around on the gun issue. He’s 68 years old, been against guns his whole life- now he’s turning around because of these savages.”

    With Islamic supremacism a mainstream interpretation of Islam, deeply rooted in Islamic scripture and endorsed by many of Islam’s most influential scholars, Australians are beginning to understand the nature of the Islamic threat, and studying their own weaknesses in its wake.
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    Nick Adams

    Nick Adams is an international speaker, and the author of the brand new book The American Boomerang: How the World's Greatest 'Turnaround' Nation Will Do It Again released July 1. Nick’s website is www.nickadamsinamerica.com

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