• ISIS Slaughted 1500 Iraqi Soldiers, Meet The One Who Survived

    Last July, Daily Surge reported on a horrific video showing ISIS members shooting and killing hundreds of Iraqi Army POWs. The Iraqi soldiers were captured by ISIS, and despite pleading to be spared, the POWs were taken, dumped in a ditch, and murdered in cold blood.

    Today the New York Times released a video of Ali Hussein Kadhim, 23, the sole surviving Iraqi soldier, who was captured by ISIS. 

    Kadhim tells the story of ISIS members murdering their prisoners one-by-one. Blood splattered in his face as men to his left and to his right collapsed.

    “I just pretended to be shot,” Kadhim told the Times

    Kadhim recalls ISIS killers checking the pile of bodies for any survivors, and says he heard one say there was a man still breathing.

    “Just let him suffer,” another militant said. “He’s an infidel Shia. Let him suffer. Let him bleed.”

    Four hours after ISIS militants left him for dead, Kadhim says he had a “great will to live.”

    In the dark of night, Kadhim ran to the edge of the Tigris River. It was there that he and a dying man who had been shot by ISIS militants, waited to cross over. After three days, Kadhim left the man, who only asked that he tell his story.

    ISIS had heard that a survivor was living among villagers in their territory.

    After three long weeks, Kadhim finally made it back to his wife and two small children.


    photo/video via NYT

    Jerome Hudson

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