• ISIS Is At War With Us!

    I have to believe that most Americans who are aware of the beheading of a second American journalist (Steven Sotloff) by the Islamic State (or ISIS) yesterday are furious!

    I know that I am.

    Let’s do the math.

    President Obama has been receiving intelligence briefings on ISIS for at least a year. But in January, he used a sports analogy and called them a JV team.

    Last week, Chuck Todd of NBC asked him how he expects to defeat them if he doesn’t authorize our military to go after them in Syria and not just Iraq. He responded that he has a very limited goal of just containing them and keeping American personnel safe. A few days later, his Press Secretary Josh Earnest stated that we are not at war with the Islamic State.

    Well guess what! They are at war with us! Oh and the President says that we don’t have a strategy to deal with ISIS.

    So, since the King of Saudi Arabia says that they could easily be in Europe in a month and America in two months, perhaps it’s almost time to come up with a strategy. Also, since a week from tomorrow is the thirteenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on our country, and our Southern border is wide open, perhaps it’s time to…well I’m not sure what we can do with our current Commander-In-Chief. After all, he told Bob Woodward a few years ago that America can absorb another terrorist attack.

    On a lighter note, a lot of Hollywood starlets are upset that someone hacked the Apple iCloud where they had trustingly put selfies that they said they didn’t want anyone to ever see. One of my callers said that would be like putting all your personal info in a file cabinet at a public library. If you really don’t want anyone seeing naked pictures of yourself, maybe you should resist the urge to take them in the first place!

    Doc Washburn

    Doc Washburn has been in Radio since 1977, and in Talk Radio since 1997. He has done shows in Charlotte, Savannah, and Panama City, FL. He does fill-in shows for stations all over the country, but can be heard most often on KARN/LittleRock M-F 2-6P Central, streaming at karnnewsradio.com.

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