• Italian Author: Don’t Follow Europe’s Big Government Path

    Don’t allow big government to take over free market system, Italian journalist Matteo Borghi warns in his new e-book, “Italy, Where Dems’ Dreams Die: How Big Government Pauperized A Prosperous Country.”

    He outlines the “Italian situation” he says has resulted from government growth — soaring debt, high unemployment rates, burdensome tax rates, and a corrupt and nearly bankrupt pension system. His goal is to convince Americans not to follow suit.

    “You are already better off, but if you will go on increasing big government and cracking down on entrepreneurs you could soon become like Italy,” Borghi told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “That’s why, in my book, I say: ‘You shouldn’t give up American Dream to follow Italian nightmare.'”

    Almost every service in Italy, including health care, transportation, education and the pension system is public, free and available to all, Borghi says, something he describes in the book’s abstract as the Democratic Party’s dreams come true.

    “However,” he continued, “if they came here to spend some time, seeing with their own eyes how Big government can change (for the worse) the face of a nation, I think they would completely change their minds.”

    It’s easier to get rich working for the government than in the private sector, he continues, because “Italy is seen as a place where private profit is seen as evil, while public work is seen as sacred and inviolable.”

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