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    How many times have you watched a comedian get on stage, yell out “F#ck George Bush” and receive a standing ovation? That is usually all it takes to get a liberal audience worked up.  Funny is funny regardless of what side of the political spectrum you are on, but let’s face it, America has been subjected to comedy from one perspective.

    There are not many conservatives out there who are doing political comedy. Comedians with conservative or libertarian leanings will most likely hide their true colors if they want to make it big time.

    “Bill Maher says something about Sarah Palin and nobody is there to counter him. Colbert plays a conservative, who is kind of a jerk, and there is nobody to counter that,” Kevin Jackson of The Black Sphere told Daily Surge. “Watch a TV show and you will see it laced with liberalism, you listen to music and it’s laced with liberalism.”

    “I caught myself humming ‘I kissed a girl and I liked it’, not even realizing that a girl is singing it and talking about being a lesbian—because you just get tricked into it—it’s infused and the problem that we have on the Right is we have nothing to counter that message. There is nobody,” he said. “There are sixty million voters who did not vote for Barack Obama. The other side, they are just lemmings. We have an educated populace who wants to stop supporting that nonsense.”

    That’s why Jackson is offering something different. A frequent guest on CNN, MSNBC and the Fox News Channel, author of The Big Black Lie and Sexy Brilliance and 0ther Political Lies and radio talk show host on Salem Communications, Jackson is using his brand to counter the Left with humor and wit. He has put together the “Reparations Comedy Tour,” where conservative comedians deliver jokes about life, love, and liberal lunacy.

    Even though the comedians on the tour are conservative, everyone, despite their political leanings, will find this show hilarious.

    “The comedy is freeing to the comedians who tell jokes for folks who are on both side of the aisle. We beat up on Democrats but we beat up on Boehner and half of the Republicans as well,” Jackson said. “It is freeing to the comedian to be able to say, ‘I can speak my mind about God, I can speak my mind about conservative issues without this idea that I have to balance my audience.”

    The show is not completely politically motivated, the comedians take on everything from racism to sexism and homophobia, and, at its, worst is PG-13. So you can bring the whole family.

    Comedians generally aim to balance their comedy routines with the overall mood of the public in order to figure out how much of their repertoire they can use, Jackson explained.

    “For example if you do comedy to a black audience I can guarantee if you say let’s give it up to Barack Obama you will get some applause. That’s terrible comedy. It’s going out trying to get the cheap applause,” he said. “That’s the easy laugh. It’s tougher to be funny when you don’t drop the F-bombs. I pride myself on using my intellect to do the same thing. There are comedians who know if they throw out expletives they will get the audience to laugh. I call that ‘drone’ laughter but not the belly laugh that comes when you get people to think.”

    Jackson said the biggest thing that came out of the Reparations Comedy Tour was when one of his fellow comedians told him, “That was the best I feel like I have ever done in comedy.”

    “I’m like, ‘get out, because I felt the same way,’ ” Jackson said. “With this show you are free. I don’t have to look at all of my material and determine if it is racially insensitive or politically correct for the language Gestapo.”

    “I can’t tell you how many people came up to me and said Kevin that was the best comedy show I have seen in years. Entertainment value I would have paid double, it was just amazing. The show rivals anything you have seen on HBO or The Comedy Channel, and we hope to do many more for years to come.”

    Like most black Americans, Jackson’s grandparents who raised him and his brother, always voted Democrat. Jackson, however, didn’t believe he should support policies he didn’t agree with just because he was part of a particular demographic. In his mind, the Democrats were the party of victimhood, while the Republicans are the party of optimism.

    “I have never been a liberal in my life, from the time I could form a thought I was conservative. The interesting thing I noticed at a very young age is we lived different than Democrats acted and thought,” he said. “That always posed a quandary for me as how can you guys vote for those fools. I have always been a conservative, I became a Republican in my teens when I studied black history and realized the Republican Party was the party that really cared about blacks.”

    Kevin Jackson has spoken at more than 100 Tea Party rallies. But he was not politically involved not until the 2008 election season when he began to get pissed off at the prospect of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama becoming president. He channeled his rage into his blog, The Black Sphere.

    “I started writing a blog because I was frustrated. It was really something that was meant for my family to read because they are just a bunch of democrat idiots. I was writing it just to hack them off and wake up them up,” he said.

    Jackson noticed when he began blogging that most bloggers were way too serious, and so was he.

    “I was writing this stuff with the idea of making my point by being upset, almost with this militant attitude of why black conservatives weren’t being heard,” he said. “I would have only thirty people who were reading my blog at the time, but my content was relevant. I should have as powerful a voice as anybody on Capitol Hill.”

    And now with an ever-growing base of supporters (270,000 fans on Facebook) and a widely read website, Kevin Jackson is doing what he loves: delivering a sound message with a definitive comedic spin.

    “As a kid I was so good at ‘snaps’ and ‘yo-momma’ jokes, people wouldn’t battle me because I knew five thousand jokes, I knew two hundred-fifty original yo-mammas I would just make up on the fly. I began to use my natural wit and humor from my misspent youth to entertain but make the bigger point. If I go back and read some of my older stuff I can still sense that guy that was fighting to get out.”

    The Reparations Comedy could be coming to a city near you! Visit TheBlackSphere.net for dates and locations.

    Watch the official trailer below:

    Alicia Powe

    Staff Writer

    Alicia Powe is a staff writer for Daily Surge. She worked in the War Room of the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee and served as a White House Intern during the George W. Bush administration. Alicia has written for numerous outlets, including Human Events, Media Research Center and Townhall.com.

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