• NBC’s Engel: Obama Admin “Living In A Delusion” With ISIS Strategy

    Last week NBC’s chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel called Obama lacking a strategy to defeat ISIS “quite ridiculous,” because ISIS had been growing for “three years . . . The buildup of ISIS has not been rapid; it has been quite slow,” he said.

    Obama finally got his act together and announced a plan to combat ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

    However today, Engel is back with a new round of reality for Barry.

    He told MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell that “ISIS now spans both sides of the border” between Iraq and Syria.

    “The hard part,” Engel said, “is when you have to actually do the fighting and figure out who is going to take the ground, what is the role of Iran, what is the role of Syria.”

    He said the administration’s current strategy to combat ISIS is riddled with “many contradictions.” Engel argued that America’s plan to launch air strikes in Syira, might end up helping Syrian President Bashar Assad.

    The Obama administration has not yet explained how Iran and the anti-Assad rebels will factor into its longterm strategy to destroy ISIS. However, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says the U.S. is open to talking to Iran about ISIS.

    Engel says the administration’s willingness to launch air strikes and its hesitancy to have the necessary discussions with the leaders in Iran and Syria, will prove counterproductive.

    “They are living in a delusion because they are saying ‘Assad must go. We can’t talk to Assad because Assad is a bad regime.’ If the airstrikes happen, Assad is going to benefit. It is Assad’s forces and Iran’s forces that are going to move in and take that territory,” Engel said. “That’s a fundamental contradiction, one of many contradictions that will emerge the deeper they dig into this.

    Jerome Hudson

    Managing Editor

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