• Oh, Snap! House Officially Condemns Obama for Bowe Bergdahl Swap

    It may be a largely symbolic gesture, but at least it’s been made official for the history books. The House of Representatives voted on Tuesday to condemn President Obama over his highly controversial decision to release the five worst Taliban commanders from Gitmo in exchange for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl — whose own squad members have called a “deserter” — without notifying Congress of the transfer. The House approved the resolution by a vote of 249-163, which included 22 Democrats who crossed party lines to vote along with Republicans.

    According to Politico:

    The resolution said that Obama violated the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act that required congressional notification and expressed “grave concern” about national security risks created by releasing the Taliban members, as well as “the repercussions of negotiating with terrorists.”

    The vote comes as calls are mounting for Obama to facilitate the rescue of Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who has been stuck in a Mexican prison for over five months now after essentially making a wrong turn. His third hearing was underway on Tuesday in Tijuana.

    If the president truly needed a feel-good story for the news media in order to distract from his ongoing struggles, Tahmooressi was (and remains) the soldier to get released. It would be welcomed by Republicans and Democrats alike, and unless Obama struck up a bum deal in order to make it happen, he certainly wouldn’t be condemned for it.

    Matt Fox

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