• Poll: One In Four Americans Want Their State To Secede

    According to a survey by Reuters, the drive for independence isn’t just exclusive to Scotland: 24 percent of Americans would prefer if their state seceded from the United States.

    When the results are broken down further, there are stark differences. Republicans are far more interested in secession than Democrats, and of those who identify with the tea party, 53 percent support secession.

    Consistently, the poorer you are, the more likely you are to support secession. Income brackets in the $25,000 range come in at 28 percent support, whereas the complete opposite end of the spectrum, $150,000+ a year, is the lowest, at only 19 percent.

    Men are also more likely than women to be supporters, at 26 percent to 22 percent. Regionally, the Southwest is the area of the country most interested in secession at 34 percent, compared to the Far West at 22 percent. New England ranks last place at 19 percent, although even that represents nearly a fifth.

    Perhaps more surprisingly, millennials are interested in secession. Combining the categories of “tend to support” and “strongly support” together yields a total figure of 36 percent support for secession, a number far higher than any other age group.

    Phone calls from Reuters revealed that partisanship wasn’t on the minds of Americans. Instead, respondents pointed to corruption, a terrible economic recovery, deficits, a lack of jobs, dissatisfaction with the courts, both political parties, the president, Congress, and the entire government in general.

    For them, government is too involved in the bedroom but too disinterested in preventing illegal immigration.

    The sample size so far is 8,600 people with a margin of error of 1.2 percentage points.

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