• Racism, Profanity, and Polar Bears Under Arrest: Yay, Climate Week!

    Just in case the videos we compiled for you yesterday weren’t edgy enough, here’s another round of pure dementia, courtesy of the so-called “People’s Climate March.” Up above, some pretty outrageous footage that was delivered to The Internets thanks to National Review Online and Katherine Timpf. You really have to see it to believe it, but there’s definitely something for everyone in there…including a rather large number of gratuitous f-bombs. One man even says of Barack Obama, “We got a white cracker of a president in black skin. And he’s a piece of sh*t!” I’m not sure what that has to do with climate change — or anything — but it’s pretty par for the course with the rest of this delusional display up in New York. Can you imagine what would happen if that comment had been captured on tape at a Tea Party rally?

    Meanwhile, check out this wild footage of the violence and arrests last night, including fully costumed citizens:

    Sure, that looked peaceful to me.

    But ask any one of these Mensa members, and they’ll tell you it’s the “climate deniers” who are the real crazy ones. Take actress Emma Thompson, for example, who was at one point somewhat relevant (but not really) in Hollywood. She proclaimed with great pride that anyone who denies global warming is akin to those who believe in the “lizard people”:

    We are the Martians.” Well, at least she got that part right.

    It’s interesting though; according to Emma, climate SKEPTICS are “lizard people” believers. Yet those who want to bring attention to climate change are currently standing on the streets of New York, dressed in giant cow and polar bear costumes as if they’re headed to some bizarre plushy orgy. If this crowd is supposed to represent sanity, color me quite content to be a moonbat.

    Matt Fox

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