• “No Strategy” Obama Was Warned About ISIS…a Year Ago


    The fact that President Obama willfully admitted last week that he has no strategy for fighting ISIS is a topic that’s been covered exhaustively over the past few days. But it wasn’t until Catherine Herridge filed this report over at Fox News that we received facts about the extent to which the Commander-in-Chief really has been ignoring this problem.

    It was in January of 2014 that Obama compared ISIS to a “jayvee team,” but according to Herridge, “Detailed and specific intelligence about the rise of ISIS was included in the PDB, or the President’s Daily Brief, for at least a year before the group took large swaths of territory beginning in June. The official…said the data was strong, and ‘granular’ in detail, adding a policy maker ‘…could not come away with any other impression: This is getting bad.’

    It’s common knowledge that President Obama prefers to read his PDB, rather than get personally briefed. According to Herridge, he rarely asks follow-up questions of the intelligence community regarding what’s in the document. I’m guessing he brings his PDB to the golf course with him, or better yet, uses it as toilet reading.

    The threat was understood and the data was identified several years ago because ISIS took a systematic approach to its buildup in Iraq. It was not something that happened suddenly, which seemed to be the suggestion by the administration,” she reported, citing a trustworthy former Pentagon official.

    Several YEARS ago? To hear Obama speak, you’d think these guys just showed up this July.

    ISIS is on the march. Let’s just hope they haven’t already marched beyond the point at which we can destroy them.

    h/t Independent Journal Review

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