• Terrifying Video: Man Gets Held Up at Gunpoint, But Films the Entire Ordeal on a GoPro

    This probably isn’t the magical memory Alexander Hennessy of Canada hoped to preserve when he began biking through Buenos Aires and recording the entire trip on his GoPro camera. The tourist managed to capture a lot more dramatic footage than he was banking on when he was accosted by a criminal on a motorbike during an unfortunate excursion through the La Boca district.

    In the frightening few minutes of footage, the robber demanded Alexander’s backpack. As Hennesy couldn’t understand what the man was saying, he at first didn’t know what was happening. But the second this “amigo” brandished a gun, Alexander dropped his bike and bolted out of fear for his life. I imagine he’ll study up to learn words like “mochila” (“backpack”) before returning.

    It’s not immediately evident why the criminal didn’t fire on Alexander, and it’s rather unsettling that none of the witnesses even bothered to help. But I suppose that’s just how they roll in La Boca.

    Lucky for Hennessy, the GoPro — known for its amazing high quality recording capability — was rolling the whole time…and the culprit was arrested later that day. So at least there’s some justice in this harrowing incident.

    Matt Fox

    Senior Editor

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