• Why Was an Armed Criminal Allowed on an Elevator With Obama?

    The Secret Service is clearly having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. And if the latest stunning revelation about the agency’s ineptitude isn’t enough to cost the Secret Service Director her job, I don’t know what will.

    Continuing the trend of every agency imaginable being a complete and utter failure under President Obama, it has now been revealed that an armed man with a criminal record was allowed to get on an elevator with the Commander-in-Chief. Just a few weeks ago when the president was in Atlanta working on the Ebola epidemic, the aforementioned criminal decided to whip out his phone in the elevator and start shooting video of Obama. Luckily, he didn’t start shooting something else, because after the Secret Service finally decided to do a background check on the man (once he was off the elevator), they discovered his rap sheet, which featured not one, but THREE assaults. They also discovered he had a gun on him…you know, after he told them about it.

    It’s incredible that these breaches have been happening time and time again, and even more incredible that the White House insists the president “has confidence” in the leadership team at the Secret Service. That “confidence” makes it appear like they’re trying to cover something up…and given their record, they probably are. Or maybe they figure, “Hey, at least he wasn’t riding the elevator with Ray Rice.” Who knows?

    Speaking of cover-ups:

    Sitting through Tuesday’s tense hearing on Capitol Hill, it seems like all of us care more about Obama’s safety than Obama himself does. Now that’s ironic.

    Matt Fox

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