• Artist Profile: James Kole

    The cat is out of the bag

    Singer/songwriter, actor, and lover of liberty James Kole has an authentic soul man nature. His individual brand of bluesy rock and engaging, good-humored mannerism will scorch a fire underneath you. He possesses the conviction of freedom lovers around the world that breathes through his emotive vocals with songs that convey deeper meanings. He is a trail-blazing blues guitarist using fierce licks, with heartbreaking and intellectually charged lyrics to convey his message. James explains how music intertwines with his life.

    “I have always been a musician and a conservative; it is a way of life for me. While living in Europe as a child, my Dad took us into East Berlin before the wall fell. We went through ‘Checkpoint Charlie’. They held sub-machine guns and searched our car. They confiscated my children’s books. It was so bleak inside the wall, so frightening, so spiritless. A statist’s utopia. That had a major impact on me.  As far as the music goes, I simply love to write and play. The most fulfilling songs for me to write are those, which include a message of goodness – and that necessarily includes rejecting evil.”

    His own unique vocal style will leave your feet tapping and your hands clapping for more.

    The video above is titled The Times Have Already Changed, performed by James Kole.

    Listen to more of James Kole at: http://www.jameskole.com

    Lisa Day

    Lisa Day is a communications specialist by trade with 25+ years of experience in the field of internal and external communication, PR and marketing, current events, politics, culture, and American exceptionalism. She's the co-founder of BigDawg Music Radio, and BigDawg Music Mafia, which bridges the cultural divide with artists and entrepreneurs resisting the progressive agenda.

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