• U.S. Capitol Police Dodging Questions On Harry Reid Attack Video

    One day after CRAPITALISM author Jason Mattera was seen on video being violently shoved around by a U.S. Capitol Police agent, Daily Surge contacted the U.S. Capitol Police public affairs office to ask a few questions about the incident.

    But Sergeant Kimberly Schneider didn’t want to answer any questions and directed us to a statement her office had released instead.

    The U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) became aware today of a video posted online showing an interaction between a Special Agent from our Dignitary Protection Division, and an unknown individual with no observable credentials approaching a Senator. The individual subsequently identified himself by name. Our Special Agent is a member of a leadership team assigned to provide security and protection to a Senator.

    In accordance with applicable training when encountering an unidentified individual in close proximity to a protectee who is encroaching on the protectee’s zone of security, the Special Agent is expected to take proactive measures to maintain the security and protection of their protectee.

    It is the goal of the USCP to be professional at all times, and we will continue to always strive to maintain our high standards of professionalism as law enforcement officers.

    This bland statement by the USCP, however, leaves many questions unanswered:

    • How were the actions of the officer justified?
    • Will there be any disciplinary action taken ?
    • Are only people with “observable credentials” allowed to ask members of congress questions in public areas?

    After numerous calls, we still haven’t heard back from Sergeant Schneider. We even left her a nice voicemail message.

    Radio host Mark Levin has already called for a U.S. Senator to investigate Senator Harry Reid’s bodyguard’s assault on Jason Mattera.

    “Let’s be blunt,” Levin said, while interviewing Mattera on his show Thursday evening. “You were assaulted.”

    “I just think the fact that Harry Reid’s guy assaulted you, and he clearly did on video for asking a question, that some Republican in the Senate ought to speak out and file an ethics complaint. That is just so outrageous.”

    Harry Reid has been on a government salary for most of his adult life. He’s now worth at least $6.7 million. Jason simply asked Reid how he has managed to accumulated so much wealth, and almost got a black eye for doing so.

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