• “The Avengers 2” Trailer Leaks Online…and It Looks Pretty Awesome

    NOTE: This post has been updated with the OFFICIAL video above, now released by Marvel

    The debut of a new movie trailer has become an event in itself, often even more anticipated than the film it is advertising. I always have to chuckle when I see a teaser released for a teaser of a real trailer. In other words, a five second video will promote a 60 second video that will promote a two minute video that promotes a 2 hour film. Make sense? Don’t worry, my head is kind of spinning too.

    With all of that careful advertising in place, I’d imagine it has to be quite maddening when a major movie trailer leaks onto the internet ahead of schedule. That’s exactly what has happened with The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

    Luckily, Marvel has a good sense of humor about the unfortunate mishap:

    I know you’re all waiting to see the darned thing, so click here for that. I take no responsibility for the link actually still working by the time you read this.

    Anyway, we do get to see quite a bit in this first trailer, which seems to indicate that director Joss Whedon has managed to improve upon his original film in almost every conceivable way. There’s been a bit of criticism in the past few years that Marvel movies have started to become little more than 2 hour commercials for future Marvel movies, and in some cases, that criticism has been justified. Clearly, some of the films do work better than others. But let’s be honest here: these are superhero popcorn flicks. If you go into them expecting anything more than Big Dumb Fun, you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment. The original Avengers film just worked. It may not have been perfect, but it certainly delivered on the promise that had been, well…promised…for the years leading up to the ensemble piece.

    In the new film, the villain is Ultron, who looks fantastic in the trailer. He’s a creation of “Iron Man” Tony Stark himself, and an example of artificial intelligence gone horribly wrong. There also looks to be a pretty epic battle between the aforementioned Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk himself, Bruce Banner, as Tony dons the highly anticipated Hulkbuster Iron Man armor for the first time on film. Suffice to say, the giant green one will clearly lose all control at one point or another.

    There’s a lot to look forward to in this one, and hopefully if you’re a fan, you had a chance to check out the trailer before it was inevitably removed. If not, no worries, as the “official” version is coming at 9:00pm ET/PT next Tuesday, October 28th during ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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